A new way to tackle product content

You’ve got a great product. Many, in fact. You’ve got a business that requires time and attention, and ultimately you struggle with photographing your products, and writing about them. Even then, you struggle to get products uploaded and available to customers. Or it takes you away from designing new stuff. And then you feel like you're always behind.

Here’s where we come in.

At Copper Boom Studio, we’ll take your product and make it look good, sound good, and get it online. We specialise in product content for small creative businesses, and we make it our business to make you look good.

Choose the full package, or just the parts you need. Perhaps you’re good with photography, but need help with writing and uploading, or vice versa. Whichever package you choose, it’s our aim to get your products looking professional, on-brand and cohesive so that they appeal to customers.

We can also help to create, write and schedule blog posts or social media content. At the moment, this is on a client-by-client basis, so get in touch if you’d like more information.

Who is Copper Boom?

Copper Boom Studio is the brainchild of Jenny Hyde, mentor, writer and advocate for small creative businesses. Jenny works with a small team of photographers, writers and studio assistants in her Cambridge studio.

Jenny says:

Many moons ago, I was working at notonthehighstreet.com - the UK's biggest (and best) curated marketplace for small creative businesses - and I was checking product pages, then learning about what worked and what didn't, and eventually teaching sellers how to write and take photos of their products. I spent a LOT of time talking about product pages, which I believe are one of the most valuable elements to businesses selling online. After all, customers can only make a decision to buy based on what they see and read.

After leaving NOTHS and starting my own mentoring business to support small creatives, the same questions come up over and over again. I talk with clients about time management, about how long it takes to organise designing, photographing, writing, and uploading products. We consider employing staff to help. We talk about how to take better photos, and how to write well when you're not a writer. And I love enabling business owners to become better at this themselves. But ultimately I knew: there's a need to outsource this crucial work to somewhere reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy, and to someone who gets it.

I care about creating the story behind the product through images and words. I care about making products discoverable through decent SEO. And I care about making these things accessible to designers and makers. So here we are.

The phrase "copper boom" comes from my most favourite TV show ever: Gilmore Girls. It is not only hilarious, brilliant, and beautifully shot, it's also a great show to watch for entrepreneurs - so much of the storyline centres on Lorelai starting up her own inn with her best friend. Anyway, there's a scene in which Rory is talking about how she has too much stuff, especially make-up: "It used to be a dab of copper tone, a touch of mascara and zip bam boom, out the door." Lorelai only picks up "copper" and "boom", and it becomes their phrase meaning "trying to speed things up". Right?

So when it was time to find a name, I couldn't shake this one. And, of course, copper is awesome and boom is a fun word to say.

Let us revolutionise your business.

With Copper Boom Studio, you can outsource tasks that require time, space, and expertise, without taking on the burden of staff or premises. You’ll be able to get your new ideas online with no fuss, and with far less procrastination.

Ready for a change?

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