Full Package, Single Product

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Full Package, Single Product

from 45.00

Get your product photographed, written about and online with our full package. This includes:

  • A single photograph
  • A description, with key words or tags, and an optimised title
  • Everything uploaded to the website or platform of your choice

Our expert team will be on hand to create your photography, copy and product settings so that you're ready to start selling.

We run this package alongside our usual shoots, so please get in touch about dates if you need your full package complete in a specific timeframe!

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The whole idea of Copper Boom is that you can send one product and get a professional photograph and product description in one go. We get to know your product really well, so we can create the content you need.

This package offers a discount on our photo + description + upload when you book all three together via this page. And if you book a bundle of 10, each product is just £40 for all your content and the upload service.

We give you time back and bucketloads of expertise

Getting your products online can be time consuming and stressful when you're trying to do everything yourself. We want you to be able to create, design, and do what you're best at, while we do what we're good at: taking photos, writing descriptions, and positioning your products effectively for the market.

This is a great way to outsource your product content and marketing to people who understand you and can work with you to create something fresh, new and totally you.

Once you've booked, we'll be in touch with our briefing document and where to send your products. All the availability is listed on your page, and you can usually book as early as next week!

If you have any questions or would like to talk through the package before you book, please feel free to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.