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Storefront Review

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Looking for a second pair of expert eyes on your online shop? We can help!

With over 15 years of experience between us, we'll look at your branding, SEO, product range, copywriting, and set up to make sure you're looking your best for customers.

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Whether you're selling on NOTHS, Etsy, or your own website, we can take a look at how you've set up shop, and we'll provide pointers and tips on how to maximise your visibility and sales.

We aim to offer insight, spot mistakes and offer ideas on how to increase conversion and engagement.

Once you've booked in and answered our questions, we'll take about a week to review your site.

You'll receive a PDF guide with our notes on:

  • What's working
  • What needs attention
  • Suggested search terms / tags / key words (depending on your platform)
  • Where you could extend your range
  • Potential customers / opportunities you're not making the most of
  • Listings, including photography, wording and set up
  • Website navigation and product collections (where applicable)

We'll answer questions you have after receiving your review, and you'll be left feeling clearer and more productive!

Please note that we don't accept responsibility for any actions taken based on our storefront reviews. Your business decisions are your own.

Why us?

Our founder, Jenny Hyde, has been reviewing storefronts for eight years, first at Notonthehighstreet, then independently as a business mentor. Her expertise and insight has guided hundreds of clients to better sales and more confidence.

Holly Craggs, our business manager, has an excellent working knowledge of ecommerce website, having managed a busy web development agency in the past. She's a stickler for detail and can usually spot opportunities a mile off!

Millie Baker is our visual details guru. An excellent stylist and editor, Millie is able to offer feedback on branding, as well as imagery and wording.

In general, we don't mess around. We like to offer practical tips (rather than vague statements), and we'll usually tell you why something works or doesn't. We also won't tell you we like something if we don't! Honesty is always our best policy, and your success is something we're passionate about.

Have a question before you book? Please get in touch.