About Copper Boom Studio

We're a creative content studio, specialising in photography, copywriting and support for makers and creative entrepreneurs. Working with creatives from one-woman-bands to multi-million pound retailers, we give care and attention to every piece of work we do.

Founder and director, Jenny Hyde

Founder and director, Jenny Hyde

A one-stop shop for your online content

Our founder, Jenny Hyde, has been working with small businesses for 10 years, and just kept being asked: "Do you know anyone who can help me with photography, written content, and uploading stuff to my shop?"

After spending years doing bits of it herself, Jenny decided it was time to create somewhere creatives could come for expert content at an affordable rate. We offer solutions for the maker who just needs one photo and one product description really quickly, or the creative entrepreneur who wants to outsource their photography and copywriting so they don't have to employ someone themselves.

Our aim is to make your life easier so that you can work on the things that only you can do. We mostly do that through professional photography, copywriting and content services, but we also take requests! You can always get in touch to let us know what you're struggling with.

Photographers, stylists, copywriters and more

We love working with talented creatives, including Cat, our lead photographer, Emily, our lead stylist, Bethan, our stylist, and Ben, our assistant copywriter.

Our team ebbs and flows to meet demand, and we love it most when the studio is full of chat, music and creativity! Most of our creatives are based in or near base inCambridge, and we're always on the look out for other creatives to work with us.

Get time back to create, make and shake things up in your business!

The purpose of Copper Boom is to provide professional services that are easy to book, reliable, and on brief. Our knowledge of online selling and our efficient processes mean that you can tick so much off your list by booking us.

And you'll always be able to try us out by booking just one product for one photo or one product description. That's our minimum order!

Bethan and Cat - part of our dream team!

Bethan and Cat - part of our dream team!

Gilmore Girls: inspiration or obsession?

If you're in the club, you'll already know that "Copper Boom" is a line from Gilmore Girls. (If you haven't watched it, you probably should.)

Jenny and her sister Holly adore Gilmore Girls, and watched it together as teenagers. When coming up with the idea for the studio, Copper Boom seemed like the obvious choice - not only does it sound cool, it's a reference that means "let's get on with it and do it well". A no-brainer!

Because the characters in Gilmore Girls are cool and pretty creative themselves, we're inspired by the show. We're also a little giddy about pop culture references, so that's fun for us.

As a little side project, we have our own Etsy shop featuring our Gilmore Girls-inspired pins.