5 Things to Stock Up on Ahead of the Christmas Rush (and Stay Healthy)

There are now, officially, less than 80 days left until Christmas Day.

For our clients and many, many small business retailers, this is the busiest time of the year by far. Chances are there are long days ahead, lots of help needed, and (even) less sleep and down time than normal.

Between the three of us (that's Jenny, Holly and Millie), we've worked in and with small businesses for 15 years, and we know the stresses and strains it can have.

Here's our shopping list for getting through peak sales!

1. Hand soap and sanitiser

Colds are coming, if they haven't already hit. Get everyone in your team (and family!) their own hand sanitiser, and make sure you're stocked up with plenty of hand soap in bathrooms and the kitchen. Colds may come, but let's stop them from spreading!

2. Decent tea and coffee

What's your favourite cuppa? We know for a fact that starting off your day with something really delicious can make early mornings more bearable. Not to mention late nights!

Whether it's delicious Perkulatte coffee, or elegant PostTea or Teapigs, we know that Future You will be grateful for that perfect pick-me-up.

3. Healthy snacks

Fill the studio kitchen (not to mention your home, handbag and car!) with healthy, delicious snacks. Cereal bars, nuts, popcorn, dried fruit, whatever takes your fancy!

You might also try making lunches ahead of time, or using a service like Gousto to get you some healthy dinners. Research local options for team lunches or dinners when you're working late.

4. Dry shampoo!

Look, we're not judging. Dry shampoo is a staple around here, and even more so when it's busy. We love this organic option.

5. Great music

Line up some Spotify playlists, get your Christmas faves together, or challenge your team to DJ for a day each! What we know for sure is that music can add energy to a day that's dragging. 

Did we miss anything? What are your Christmas survival essentials?