Shaking things up, keeping things fresh...

Hi friends, clients, colleagues and supporters! We have some news here at Copper Boom Studio: with much thought and careful consideration, I've decided to restructure the business in order to better serve our clients.

After a busy year doing lots of work for lots of clients, and saying yes to almost everything that came our way, we’ve decided to bring it back to our original service offering: photography and copywriting.

We’re very excited about what the future brings, though it is with some sadness that we also say goodbye to Holly and Millie, who will be moving on to new pastures in November. I’m so grateful to have worked with such brilliant women, and we wish them well. The rest of our team remains broadly the same.

What this means for you

For our clients, we anticipate that there won’t be very many outward changes. Our quality of service remains the same, if not better, and with more focus, our turnaround times for copywriting and upload services are even better.

A boring bit: please note that we’ll no longer charge VAT. And we have a new address for our consolidated studio in my new home, where we'll be based for the majority of our shoots. Location shoots for different scenes and larger items are still available by request.

You’re also likely to hear more from me (Jenny) when placing your bookings. You’ll still be able to book through the website and email

A huge thank you to everyone who has worked with us and supported us in the first 18 months of business! I'm looking forward to working with more brilliant clients in the future.