How to stand out from the crowd: 5 ways to boost your engagement online

The good news is, the creative industries are booming. Designer-makers, creative entrepreneurs, artists, poets and visionaries are more able than ever before to set up shop, share their story and sell their work.

And we're all better off for it. The handmade mug, the unique jewellery, the beautiful artwork: our desire for expressing ourselves through the work of others is higher than ever. We can't get enough!

But with this rise in marketplaces, small businesses, and creatives putting their work out there, it becomes even more important to stand out in your own unique way, and tell your story.

Here are our five tips to stand out from the crowd and boost your engagement with customers online.

1. Get yourself out there in the first place!

Step one: publish products, post on social media, and do it all regularly. One of the biggest misnomers we see from small businesses is this idea that they're spamming their followers to being "too noisy". You're more likely to be under-posting, in comparison to the amount of stuff out there. So your first step is to pick up the pace.

2. Look consistently amazing.

Okay, there are days when we're not on our A game. We're human, after all. But having consistently awesome visual content is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. We're visual creatures, which is partly why social media is so powerful. Create a look for both products and lifestyle photos, and work to make sure you're looking particularly sparkly.

3. Do something unique.

Whether it's adding a signature colour pop, hilarious caption, or the use of a particular eye-catching prop, having your own unique style makes your brand more memorable. It's like a fingerprint - something that has YOU written all over it. Most likely this will evolve as you start posting more, but pay attention to what might work consistently as your unique way of sharing what you do.

4. Shine your weird light brightly.

Okay, maybe it's not that weird. But show your personality, or that of your products, to attract the customers who resonate with those qualities. For example, if you're into hilarious swearing, make sure you're showing people your hilarious swearing. If your products are quietly sophisticated, shine that soft, subtle light for the people who are attracted to it. It may not be neon, but it does need to be consistent.

5. Share your story - in big ways and small.

Having a clear and engaging about page is really helpful. It can boost your SEO, as well as giving potential customers a clear backstory to who's behind their new favourite products! Part of the benefit of re-visiting your about page is that you can also hone smaller parts of your story: the key anecdotes or qualities that you can share every now and then on social media, or in a printed note in your parcels. Rather than visual, this is about words and stories that get people interested in what you do.

Need a hand to stand out?

As part of all our creative services, we'll work with you to identify the key unique selling points you have as a brand, whether that's for a new set of photographs, an about page, or your social media content. Our photography skills and writing experience is incredibly high, but it's this commitment to uncovering what will help you stand out that we think is the most valuable service we offer.

You can get in touch to talk about what you need, or book our services. We'd love to work with you!