5 tips to get you through the Father's Day rush

It's not long now until Father's Day is over, so we thought we'd share five of our favourite tips to get you through, whether you're extraordinarily busy or would like to get more sales in before Sunday.

1. Delegate. And put the kettle on.
If you're really busy, you need to make sure you're only focusing on the most important things, and that you're taking care of yourself.

What can you delegate at work? Packing orders, answering enquiries, social media, or even getting someone to just help tidy up a bit. Whether it's big or small, if you're under pressure and delegating will help you get through and make more sales, it's worth exploring.

You can also delegate at home. Get someone else to sort out the groceries and dinner, if you can, or make sure you have a food delivery booked or take-away option on speed dial. Make sure you have enough tea, coffee and good, healthy snacks. If you need to send someone out for supplies, do it now.

2. Make sure you're 100% clear on your last order dates and times.
If you haven't already figured this out, do so now! And make some lovely graphics for your website, social media, newsletter and marketplace platforms (such as your Etsy shop image or update).

3. Keep posting your products with links, and share behind the scenes photos.
If you're looking to get more sales in before Sunday, make sure you keep posting your products on social media, with links to the page or a reference name or number where appropriate. Busy people need it to be really easy to scroll, discover and then buy!

Behind the scenes posts can also help to engage shoppers by demonstrating that you really are able to keep taking orders, and that your products are popular.

4. Create a free printable or other immediate download
Offering your customers a free and quick printable colouring page for little kids, or a DIY card for bigger children can be a great way to add some extra value.

Plus, you can totally save the day by having a Grandad design for Sunday morning, in case anyone forgot him!

5. Make an 'After Father's Day' list
While you're prioritising all the important things, there are going to be some things that need to go on a list for after Father's Day. Get that list going now!

You might have to put off any Christmas prep, photoshoots, or adding things to a summer sale. Make a list so you know you won't forget about them.


Need a hand?

We're here if you'd like to send us stuff to do, or just need some moral support!