What do you get with a full day, full package? Pomme D'Or Gifts spills this beans...

Want to know a secret? Here at Copper Boom HQ, we get to see the benefits of professional photography and copywriting every day. We see the results of careful planning, creative efforts and hard work each time we send back a series of photos. And we hear from our clients: the great feedback, the sales results, the delight.

But given that our signature package is a full day of photography, plus product descriptions and upload, what does £1200 give you?

Well, we asked Anne-Marie Fowler of Pomme D'Or Gifts if we could share her recent full day photoshoot and copywriting, and her thoughts on what it gave her business.

Chill Pill soaps? Yes please!

Chill Pill soaps? Yes please!

Here's why Anne-Marie came to us:

You were a recommendation by NOTHS. I'd like to think they could see the potential with my products but I needed to step up with a more professional image. 

Last year, I had 5 approaches from different top ranking magazines and I wasn't ready with an immediate turnaround of photos. I wanted to go down this route only when I have a better corporate image.

I'd had some photographs taken before by a local photographer.  Very nice chap but I was very much involved in setting up and was in great danger of being a one-trick pony with product arrangement.

I needed someone to interpret the 3 platefuls of spaghetti thoughts going on in my brain and turn them into something beautiful presentation-wise.

Crisp white cut-out images are essential for press coverage and printed catalogues

Crisp white cut-out images are essential for press coverage and printed catalogues

Whenever we book photography into our schedule, we go through a detailed briefing process. Holly usually creates a brief and shot list for the majority of clients, and she works on finding the right story, colour palette and styling approach for each client and product.

Holly says:

Working with Anne-Marie on the brief and shot list was really simple because she sent me through an example of what she liked but also what she really didn't like. The main purpose of the images was to make sure the products, which have the same design across soaps and bath bombs, were easily distinguishable for users on mobile. Understanding the overarching purpose of the images and why new ones were needed made this brief really easy to get right. 

We also worked with Anne-Marie on her product descriptions to make sure her products can be found in search and reach the right customers, as well as being totally irresistible when they get to the product page!

Anne-Marie said:

The reason I'd booked the whole package is that uploading images and changing product wording bores me to tears.  I'd much rather be in my studio creating and know where my talent lies.  Total respect to you guys as I understand how long it takes as well as thinking through the descriptive wording to use.

Well, that's music to our ears! Read Anne-Marie's product descriptions over on her notonthehighstreet.com storefront.

The results:

  • 45 fully styled lifestyle photographs
  • 4 modelled lifestyle shots
  • 23 cut out shots for press and print
  • 5 shots of packaging
  • 18 products uploaded to notonthehighstreet.com with descriptions and key terms
  • Additional social media content ideas and drafts

And we got to spend the day with Anne-Marie's lovely products!

Get back to creating, making and running your business, just like Anne-Marie

Whether you need photos, words, or both, we can do the detailed, time-consuming work of creating professional content so that you can get back to the stuff that only you can do.

A final word from Anne-Marie about working with us:

It's very easy to press the 'buy' button for a professional photography service and then feel daunted about what happens next.  The guidance/check list you gave me were the cues I needed - it got me thinking about my likes and dislikes before we got started.  Working your way through a checklist is so much easier than thinking where to start.

The turnaround time was impressive.  The bath bomb shot were well interpreted.  The white cut-out shots of all the products were excellent.  

We're here for makers and creatives. You can easily press the 'buy' button here (if you're ready!) or get in touch to talk through your requirements (or even just how you're feeling about your business).

In the meantime, enjoy Pomme D'Or Gift Ideas's new look!