5 Gilmore Girls Episodes for Creative Entrepreneurs

*spoiler alert* Serious plot developments mentioned for entire series of Gilmore Girls! *spoiler alert*


Seriously, don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens….






We love Gilmore Girls and not just for the ridiculously fast dialogue or the references to all kinds of music, books and films but we love it because it’s about two women trying to make their ambitions happen.


As a creative business owner, you’ll be familiar with feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, anxious, scared or in need of a break. That’s why we’ve put together our favourite 5 episodes for small business owners for when they need a boost.


Season 1, Episode 19: Emily in Wonderland



This episode is great if you're thinking about your journey as a creative business owner and where you want to go next. Lorelai's life went from 16 year old mother to successful business owner and it's incredibly inspiring. The final scene where Rory and Lorelai are sitting outside the Dragonfly Inn is full of hope and excitement; you'll want to start planning your next big business idea straight away!  

Rory and Emily spend a lot of time reliving Rory's early childhood and sympathy for Emily starts to grow. Lorelai set up an incredibly clear boundary with her parents and that's vital for small businesses. But this part of the story will help you balance what a boundary is versus burning a bridge. If you are struggling to put up boundaries or you just want to end a working relationship, this will get you thinking. 


Season 4, Episode 14: A Tale of Poes and Fire


This one is a pretty major episode in the whole series. From the major set back of the fire at the Independence Inn to the amazing but difficult decision Rory has to make between Harvard, Princeton and Yale, there's a lot to learn from this. Lorelai's storyline is very much about the value of your support network around you when running a business. If you're feeling overwhelmed or you need more hands on deck, take a leaf out of Lorelai's book and ask for help. 

Rory's storyline is about choices. The main learning point for creative entrepreneurs is this: you know what's right. Deep down. Sometimes you just need to step back and look at the full picture. If you've got a major decision to make about your business, products or team, Lorelai's observation of Rory's pro/con list is the clarity that getting away from your desk, leaving your workspace or taking a longer break can give you.

Plus Kirk starts his t-shirt company. Business goals.


Season 4, Episode 22: Raincoats and Recipes


This is one of the best episodes of Gilmore Girls. Fact. It's the Dragonfly test run weekend, Taylor is a massive pain in the butt, people have to follow their doors, Rory's questionable decision around Dean and THE Lorelai and Luke moment we'd been waiting for for 4 seasons! 

There are a lot obvious business messages in this. Taylor is the perfect example of listening to your critics as well as your supporters. His attention to detail is actually very insightful and Lorelai's patience with him is a great reminder that negative feedback can be more helpful than positive feedback. People have to follow their doors upstairs when they check in; not ideal but that's what happens. If you're getting a bit overwhelmed by suppliers being slow or deadlines flying by, this will remind you that you'll make it work and the world won't end.

Then there's just the really fun bits to put you in a great mood and the drama to distract you from actual life. 


Season 5, Episode 6: Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant!


If you ever need to be reassured that scaling back is okay, watch this one. Cutting lunch is the business decision that has to made and Sookie is resisting it because of the understandable fear that the restaurant isn't successful. Sookie's storyline also highlights the whole self-care thing. She was too busy trying to keep lunch that she didn't stop for a second and realise she was pregnant. She ended up yelling at legendary author, Norman Mailer and basically being a bit bonkers.

Scale it back, slow it down, don't forget about your health. Watch this and let Sookie's ridiculousness remind you of that.  


Season 6, Episode 5: We’ve Got Magic to Do


Before you take anything else from this, you need to remember the legendary quote this episode gives us from Richard Gilmore: "what she tackles, she conquers". You can do this. You know what's right for your business so do it. 

This final episode in our list is about two things. The first is resilience. There's a small fire at the Dragonfly which freaks Lorelai and Sookie out but they put in place everything they needed and learnt from their previous experiences. This is a clear message that things may happen that are outside of your control but all you can do is learn and move on. 

The other thing is potential. Rory throws an amazing WW2 themed fundraiser for the DAR. She turns it around at the last minute, it runs like clockwork and is a huge success. But this episode is really good at making you question why Rory is doing this when she has so much talent and potential for more. If you're coasting or resisting pushing yourself and your business to the next level, Rory's storyline is great for noticing this. 


So that's it! There are so many episodes we could recommend but we hope that these five will give you the boost you need to think about your business, how you run it and what you want to do next. Sit down, make a tea and enjoy some Stars Hollow goodness!