Spotlight on: Little Homebird Jewellery

The lovely Jessica at Little Homebird Jewellery recently booked her jewellery collection for a fresh look with us. We'd just started planning her lifestyle shoot when she added a full day of modelled shots too, which meant we got to spend two full days with her lovely products!

Today, we're sharing the results in full of her two days, as well as Jessica's take on what it was like to work with us. You can see every shot she received in the gallery below!


Why did you decide to work with us?

Up until our big relaunch I had always taken my own photographs, it was relatively easy and I was all about quick snaps, and this saved a pretty penny too…but after three years in business I wanted to up my game. I started to think about applying for new marketplaces, places I knew would want a very specific and professional look to not just our photos, but the brand in general. 
After careful research (and some light insta-stalking!) I found a couple of photography companies that I felt could deliver on what I need for my brand. I remember Copper Boom being the very first company I heard back from… and after a little back and forth emailing to Holly, I knew this was the photography studio for me.

Tell us a bit about your brief and working with us to hone it.

I was looking for much more then just product photographs, I really needed help to translate my brand into beautiful imagery. When I initially contacted Copper Boom, I was pretty clueless on how to do this, so overwhelmed with the styling, the props and colour palettes, I could barely put into words the look and feel of the collection, and my brand. Holly was so helpful in breaking this process down, working together to find out the things I did and didn’t like about my current photos/branding and how we could improve this. It really felt like she understood my business and what I wanted, and that I could trust the team with such an important task for my business. 
Before I knew it we had a detailed shot list, amazing and inspirational mood board and a brief ready to send to the photographer!
Everything was just so easy, nothing was too much trouble and everything I said was taken on board - a true collaborative process. The team at Copper Boom were so accommodating with my products, and after being let down by a local photographer for a modelled shoot, they were quick to help me out and fit me in quickly for another shoot. 

Holly our business manager and briefer extraordinaire says:

Jessica's products are lovely and she'd already put lots of thought into the colours for her brand and the ideas for styling the shots. So that was great! I wanted to bring her products to life, so the main aim for the shoot was to improve the lighting and get the focus really sharp on the product, while providing hints of a soft, feminine style.



The best bit for Jessica?

But the greatest thing, the photographs themselves! Wow. I had no idea what I envisioned the collection to look like, but once I saw the shots, I knew that this was it! Everything was so cohesive and the styling was perfect for the pieces - the team really understood the brief and brought the pieces to life. The modelled shoot especially helped bring the jewellery to life, and in turn, has encouraged a lot more sales!

I’ve already had such an amazing reaction to the photographs already after two weeks of opening. I cannot put into words how much time and energy Copper Boom have saved me, its been the best investment for my business. I received the photos back so quickly, edited and ready to go they were on my site within minutes!