Christmas in July: Love it or loathe it?

Business owners can be split into two groups: those who jump right into Christmas in July, and those who resist it!

Okay, it's probably not as polarised as that, but I know there will be plenty who have immediately skipped this blog based on the subject...!

There isn't really a month of the year when we don't talk about Christmas at least a little bit. And by the end of May, we've usually done one or two Christmas shoots. Thankfully, we have a great selection of very realistic Christmas trees, lights and set-ups that make it easy.

Why bother with Christmas in July?

The concept of Christmas in July really comes from the press. This is the time of year when long-lead magazines (and now digital publishers) plan their gift guides and Christmas content, so of course retailers started putting together events to show off their best stuff.

It's also around the middle of buying season for small to medium retailers, so if you're wholesaling, you'll want to grab their attention, too.

What about you?


You don't have to put on a big exhibition, but getting a few product images shot in a festive style can help you gather attention from press, influencers and retailers.

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How to use your Christmas in July content

Once you've got an idea of your product range for Christmas, and maybe a photo or two, it's time to start using them effectively.

Start by sending them to marketplaces you sell on - notonthehighstreet and Etsy being great examples of creative spaces that thrive on knowing what they can work into their own marketing.

Then the brave bit: research some press contacts and influencers who might be interested in your products. Send them a lovely email with your lovely images - you might even offer to send them a sample in the post.

Be patient and resilient with this bit. You probably won't get responses from every person you email, but know that it's worth doing anyway.

And then there's the smug bit: you can start preparing and scheduling your own marketing because you already have the content available! Plan an early bird special for October, or put together emails, blogs and social media posts in plenty of time. Dreamy!

6 Ways to Get Your Shop Ready for Valentine's Day

With over 10 years working with small businesses, I thought I’d share some of my top tips to help you get your shop ready for Valentine’s Day.

Coming straight out of Christmas, into January, and finding you’re suddenly a couple of weeks from Valentine’s Day, is enough to knock any small business owner off their feet!

So make a cuppa, and check these simple steps off your list.

1. Use relevant wording

Add 'Valentine's Day', 'romantic gift', 'for her', and 'for him' to relevant listings in the titles and/or key terms and tags. This makes it easier for customers looking for inspiration to find you. A simple step, easily missed.

2. Add seasonal imagery

We're visual creatures, and photos are powerful. Having a romantic setting or strongly suggesting the intended recipient through styling can help customers to make the connection between your product and what they're looking for.

No time for new photos? Grab a mock up for cards and prints.

3. Make a statement on your homepage and shopfronts 

Feature your key seasonal pieces on your website's homepage with a lovely banner or collection. Don't forget to update your Etsy shopfront and Facebook banner, too.

4. Set your tone

Not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day in the same way, so have a think about what it means to you - and your customers. Are you soppy, sarcastic or subtle? Build your tone into products, listings and marketing content. 

5. Share stories

Keep an eye out for romantic stories in the news, from your customers, or even on sites like Humans of New York. Pick a few that speak to you (and fit with your tone), and share them on social media or in a blog post or newsletter. 

6. Don't forget mates

In recent years, Galentines and Palentines have become just as much a part of February as romantic partners. Help your customers celebrate friends in their own unique way with tailored product options or gift ideas.

From all of us at Copper Boom Studio, we wish you a positive and prosperous start to the year!

3 reasons blogging can help your online shop

These days, it can feel like there are endless bloggers writing about all kinds of things! Bloggers making a living just from blogging and sharing. 

But what about makers and product-based businesses? What's the value of a blog when you're not necessarily a lifestyle brand or writer?

1. Blogging adds a huge amount of SEO value to your website

Let's start with the most commercial hard-hitting fact: having a blog allows you to create content that targets search terms your customers are likely to be searching for in a wider context than just buying products.

It also means you have fresh content, which is a feature Google and other search engines will look for when they're scanning your page. Fresh content means you're likely to appear higher up search results (even if the result doesn't direct the customer to the new post or page). A great way to keep up to date without constantly adding new products!

2. A blog can add background, story and personality

What you write about is up to you. It doesn't have to be hugely personal or include photos of your children. But adding behind-the-scenes posts and sharing tips can really help to give customers more context about you as a brand.

More and more, consumers are looking for connection: they want to know who they're buying from. Writing blog posts gives you the opportunity to write with more personality, even if the post itself is just an update or list of tips!

3. Provide great content through a blog

Yes, tell your story and throw in some behind-the-scenes stories about your products and how you make them. That's blogging gold all by itself!

But you can also upgrade your blog to include content that customers will find useful, whether it's tips on how to look after your jewellery or free downloadables in your area of expertise. This kind of (free) content can bring in a broader spectrum of customers and increase traffic to your page. If it's easy to share, even better!

Sell your products

Blog posts about upcoming discounts, product features, and product launches can all be featured in blog posts, which can add great content and SEO value to your website and your brand. Weaving this in to other content can really pay off as well.

Over to you!

Starting a blog can be a commitment, but if it feels like something you'd enjoy sharing, it can add so much value to your shop and product-based business. 

And if you need help, check out our workshops. We'll make tailored suggestions on what to write about, and we'll help you to get the blog posts written!