Christmas in July: Love it or loathe it?

Business owners can be split into two groups: those who jump right into Christmas in July, and those who resist it!

Okay, it's probably not as polarised as that, but I know there will be plenty who have immediately skipped this blog based on the subject...!

There isn't really a month of the year when we don't talk about Christmas at least a little bit. And by the end of May, we've usually done one or two Christmas shoots. Thankfully, we have a great selection of very realistic Christmas trees, lights and set-ups that make it easy.

Why bother with Christmas in July?

The concept of Christmas in July really comes from the press. This is the time of year when long-lead magazines (and now digital publishers) plan their gift guides and Christmas content, so of course retailers started putting together events to show off their best stuff.

It's also around the middle of buying season for small to medium retailers, so if you're wholesaling, you'll want to grab their attention, too.

What about you?


You don't have to put on a big exhibition, but getting a few product images shot in a festive style can help you gather attention from press, influencers and retailers.

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How to use your Christmas in July content

Once you've got an idea of your product range for Christmas, and maybe a photo or two, it's time to start using them effectively.

Start by sending them to marketplaces you sell on - notonthehighstreet and Etsy being great examples of creative spaces that thrive on knowing what they can work into their own marketing.

Then the brave bit: research some press contacts and influencers who might be interested in your products. Send them a lovely email with your lovely images - you might even offer to send them a sample in the post.

Be patient and resilient with this bit. You probably won't get responses from every person you email, but know that it's worth doing anyway.

And then there's the smug bit: you can start preparing and scheduling your own marketing because you already have the content available! Plan an early bird special for October, or put together emails, blogs and social media posts in plenty of time. Dreamy!