Gilmore Girls Geeks

This is our passion project: Gilmore Girls pins, cards and prints that make perfect gifts for GG fans, or for your own collection. Each design is a favourite moment of ours, and everything is available with worldwide shipping via our Etsy shop.

You jump, I jump, Jack

By far one of our favourite episodes, this pin is a big shout out to Rory's adventures with the Life & Death Brigade at Yale. Add it to your outfit, a bag or a banner and be reminded to live a little.

Classic Rory

To be honest, we're a little teary at this design. Richard's admiration for Rory is just, well, heart-wrenching. This copper foiled print is perfect for anyone as determined as Rory Gilmore.

Can't get it out of your head

Create a Stars Hollow summer wherever you go with a pin that celebrates the catchiest song in the show. A little sunshine for your outfit, and a lovely pin that's as nostalgic as Lorelai Gilmore.