This document is designed to provide information about the Copper Boom Studio team, and outline how we work.

By booking through our website, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

Who we are

We’re a small team, committed to creating good work for good people. Holly is our business manager, and will work with you to book and plan your shoot. Millie is our studio manager and will update you on product arrivals, and send work back to you. Jenny is our founder and director, and mostly oversees things and steps in as needed.

Our photographers, stylists and copywriters are a diverse group of creative professionals, who we work with regularly and train to ensure consistency and quality throughout our work. You’re not likely to communicate directly with our freelance team, but they will be working hard for you and your business.

Please note that from 25 November 2017 we will no longer be VAT registered. Our VAT registration number was GB253156419.

How to work with us

We value respect, kindness and openness. We aim to practice these values while we work with you, and we ask you to do the same.

If you have a question, please ask! We’re super friendly and love to know what you need and how we can help.

We work best with clients who work with us to create a clear brief for all creative work, and trust us to create something awesome. Please provide references, brand values, colours, phrases, and your vision in as much detail as you can to help us with this process. Holly will co-create with you, but ultimately you have to decide what you want!

We can’t read minds (though we’ll let you know if we crack it!). It’s so helpful to know if your products are assembled, worn or displayed in a specific way, please let us know. We don’t work with your products every day, so often we find our outsider’s perspective is a helpful way to test how your products will land with customers, so the more explicit you can be, the better.

When booking more than one product for product descriptions or photoshoots, we request that you give us a full list of your products within 30 days of placing your booking

Getting in touch

The best way to communicate with us is always email:

Our phone number is 01223 751260, but please be aware that we aren’t always able to answer if we’re working on a shoot.

Please avoiding sending texts, Facebook messages, etc, as these can get lost. We also ask that any final briefing notes for photoshoots are sent via email as well as included in your package with your products.

We work 9am to 5:30pm, weekdays. We don’t work bank holidays. You won’t get a response from us outside these hours, but we always endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Clients with live bookings get priority.

Using our images, words and other creative work

Once you have your photographs, product descriptions, about page, social media content or anything else we create for you, it’s important that you know what your rights are.

We retain all image rights and copyright to all creative work. We grant you a license to use the work we create for you on your sales and marketing platforms.

What this means:

  • You can upload images to any marketplace or website as needed to sell your products
  • You can use images and wording in printed materials, including advertising that you pay for, though we ask that you credit us
  • You cannot sell our works to a third party
  • You can add graphics or text to your image, or crop them, but we ask that you don’t add filters or change the integrity of the work. We strongly believe in our creative output, and we may ask you to remove or take down any images that have been edited to their detriment.
  • You can edit our words as needed and use them anywhere, though if you’re making significant edits (e.g. re-writing or removing an entire paragraph), we ask for feedback so that we can understand the changes.


After you’ve placed a booking through our website, you can cancel within 24 hours, as long as it isn’t a rush job. We’ll refund in full, minus a small administration fee (typically £5).

Once we have started planning your work (whether a photoshoot, copywriting piece, or other project), we aren’t able to refund cancelled work. You’ll get an email confirmation when we start planning, which will include the photoshoot date and/or the estimated date you’ll get your final work, from which point you aren’t able to get a refund.


Things change, especially in the small business world! If you need to move the date of a photoshoot, please let us know as soon as possible. We do charge for late rescheduling to cover the costs of booking our freelancers and our planning time. Fees are charged as follows:

Full day rescheduling fees

  • A week or more before the shoot date: no fee
  • Five to seven days before the shoot date: £60 inc VAT
  • Three to five days before the shoot date: £180 inc VAT
  • One to three days before the shoot date: £300 inc VAT

Half day rescheduling fees

  • A week or more before the shoot date: no fee
  • Five to seven days before the shoot date: £36 inc VAT
  • Three to five days before the shoot date: £108 inc VAT
  • One to three days before the shoot date: £180 plus VAT

Single product rescheduling fees (per product)

  • A week or more before the shoot date: no fee
  • Five to seven days before the shoot date: £6 inc VAT
  • Three to five days before the shoot date: £18 inc VAT
  • One to three days before the shoot date: £30 inc VAT

Late arrivals

If your products don’t arrive with us by 4:30pm the day before your photoshoot, we will charge a rescheduling fee as above.

If your products arrive the day of your shoot, we will still have to charge you a reschedule fee as this significantly affects our planning.

Refunds and reshoots

Let’s face it: creative work, especially photoshoots, can be subjective. And we want you to be totally happy with the work we create for you.

However, our small business doesn’t have huge buckets of cash or time lying around, so we don’t offer endless reshoots or redrafts of your work. Ultimately, we aim not to have to reshoot by investing in the briefing process up front, and we have a few things in place to make things as clear as possible. This means we have to ask that you give time and attention to the briefing process and sign off as appropriate.

For photoshoots we offer a pre-shoot “sign off”, after which we won’t reshoot for free. We’ll ask you to confirm in writing (via email) that you’re signing off on your brief.

You’ll be given two or three opportunities to sign off on your brief:

  1. When we first send you our brief and inspiration board. If you’re a repeat client and/or trust us to get on with it, you can sign off early.
  2. When you’ve sent your feedback on the brief and we’ve edited it for you.
  3. For half / full day shoots, you can request to see the first shot of the day and sign off then. We don’t send through every single image (it slows us down too much!) but you can sign off after the first image we shoot for you.

Reshoots are charged as follows:

  • For single shots, we charge 50% of the original shot fee, e.g. 50% of £25 inc VAT
  • For half days, we charge £9 inc VAT per product, or £175 inc VAT to reshoot everything
  • For full days, we charge £7 in VAT per product, or £275 inc VAT to reshoot everything

Duty of care and return of goods

We make every effort to ensure that products, props and other client property remains undamaged and uncompromised, unless this is unavoidable (e.g. perishable goods). In the unlikely event that a product to be returned is damaged, we will contact you to discuss the best way forward.

The cost of delivery to get goods to us and returned to the client are the client’s responsibility. Return postage can be included with goods. If returns postage is not provided, we will post goods via Royal Mail, second class signed for (or equivalent) and invoice the client for the cost. Should the client have delivery preferences for return of goods, this should be indicated when placing their order.


We keep all client information confidential, including log in details to third party websites, to the best of our abilities. Any company information, including financial records, will not be used or shared by Copper Boom Studio or its employees.

Should the client require new product information to be embargoed prior to launch, this should be indicated when placing their order.