With technology getting better every day, we've seen a huge rise in the use of video on social media and websites to help businesses sell their products and services. The good news? Our head photographer, Cat, has a degree in film-making! We're delighted that, along with Jenny's art direction and storytelling skills, we're now able to offer brand video and product video packages.

A few videos we've made so far:

Ready to tell your story and engage your customers?

We'll work with you to create a storyboard that shows your customers what you're all about. Whether it's baking, sewing, drawing, or making, we'll give them a real insight into what you have to offer and how you make your unique brand of magic happen.

After we've got an idea of story, we'll visit you to film and interview you. This usually takes about two hours for a one-minute video, but we can create shorter or longer options and add in different cuts, depending on what you need.

Filming is a LOT of fun! Jenny will guide you through talking about your business, sharing your story, and looking your best, while Cat gets the best angles, the most gorgeous light, and all the shots that will go together to tell your story.

Once filming is finished, we edit your video with music and sound, creating content you love sharing.

Our brand video packages start at £550 for a one-minute video, edited for websites and social media. We can also add in a portrait session at the same time, for an additional £120.

Lights, camera...

Get in touch via our contact page to discuss your video ideas. We can't wait to see your space, share your vision, and bring your brand to life!